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Virtual Gastric Band

What is a VGB?  

Well first of all as implied it is NOT surgical. Through hypnosis sessions, suggestions are given to your unconscious that you have a band fitted around your stomach making you feel fuller and less inclined to eat more than what your body requires, allowing for weight reduction 

Now it is not suited to everyone as it requires the person to be committed to making changes to their relationship with food and eating habits.

It is not suitable for those looking for a crutch or short term fix and is unlikely to be successful long term for those who are. It is not suitable for those unwilling to make lifestyle changes. i.e having trigger foods always readily available. Lack of support from others in the house can have a direct impact on results also. The success is down to each individual and no form of hypnotherapy will work if YOU are not totally committed.

Now in saying that, part of the whole process is in helping you create that mindset and attitude to a healthier lifestyle and the supporting mp3's to listen too at home make this an easier process.

The good news is that we also work on the cause of the emotional overeating, which is usually at an unconscious level. It is beneficial to address these issues before starting the gastric band hypnotherapy.


Slim4Sure  Programme

S4S4E is a weight management programme that has been developed over the last few years based upon several different Hypno and other methods that are known to be very effective in accomplishing lasting results for our clients, both over, and underweight. 

The programme consists of an initial consultation, then 4 structured sessions taken weekly. 

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