Virtual Reality for  Mental Health

Bringing to the world of VR  to the therapy room. The Psious VR  platform allows for the treatment of numerous issues that can affect your life. The virtual therapeutic modules allow for total immersion into the required environment in a controlled way. Gradual exposure creates a change in the reaction, creating new behaviours and feelings. There are also environments to help with mindfulness and relaxation. These are an excellent way for those who find it difficult to relax.

Above are just some of the issues we can help with using VR. Please contact us for more information

Psious is the 1st VR platform designed for the treatment of Phobias & Anxiety disorders

More than 300 international experts already in the Psious network

Scientifically validated technology - 20 years of research - 1500 treated patients,more effective than imagination techniques

users and collaborators


Many of the Services can be done online except VR

Tranquility Holistic Centre

19a/b East princes St

Helensburgh G84 7DE

Appointments available in Glasgow & Ayr

safe supported professional environment


Marie - 0797 419 5345

Lesli - 0783 165 4461


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