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Your Wellness Professionals

The Soul Centric team is comprised of qualified health specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Both Marie & Lesli are highly professional therapists and believe in offering unique tailored treatments to each individual. Whether only one session or multiple are required as with weight loss & Smoking cessation packages.  Each and every client is treated equally with a warm friendly supportive and completely confidential environment. NO MATTER THE ISSUE. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy  lifestyle changes

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Marie Rodger

Certified Therapist

After many years in both the hairdressing industry and the healthcare sector, I became curious about the experiences and issues that people expressed in their everyday lives. I became intrigued as to how these impacted on both their personal and professional life in an ongoing fashion, quite often in a maladaptive way.( This from personal experience also)
The numerous stories shared by people over the years although very different had overlapping themes that drew me. I decided that if I was in a listening role that I already enjoyed, then why not learn the relevant skills that would allow me to indulge my passionate belief that everyone has the ability to make changes no matter their background.

I came from a very confusing background of divorce and, mixed messages and an aggressive and sometimes violent step-parent.

I grew ups with the need to keep the peace and intense dislike of any kind of confrontation as it took me straight back, unconsciously to those times in childhood where I had no control over events.

 My personal relationships were a mix of good and bad. I regularly asked the question of why me?

I later learned that I allowed myself to be in what we call "victim mode" a lot of the time simply through a lack of self-awareness, personal boundaries and understanding of others. Hence my journey into learning new skills, so that I could give the assistance and the support required to help others make changes they want to their own lives.

I can't change another person "situations" but I can help them get clarity and understanding to change their perspective, strengthen self-belief and create coping mechanisms. By giving the support to help them move forward to a place they would like to be. I think of myself as an "emotional sat-nav" for when others find themselves a bit lost. I can only show the options to the destination. The routes taken are yours x


Lesli Neilson

Qualified Therapist

I have been a self-employed caterer all my working life and therefore used to working with people and often found that they would open up to me about their various troubles, mostly when meeting them for the first time. I love helping people in any shape or form and would do my very best to help.
I have always been interested in body language and how we as human beings react in certain situations and one day I found myself in a position that had me stumped as to how I could resolve it. I started to seek answers and then one day I stumbled upon an introduction to NLP. This completely fascinated me to the point that It kicked started a new journey through life. A journey I truly believe I was meant to travel as now I have the tools to help just about anyone that should ask for it.

Lesli & Marie
Marie Rodger

Lesli & Marie

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