Kinetic Shift

Gets to the emotion attached

Kinetic Shift is relatively new, dynamic and rapid therapy combining several different techniques to resolve issues such as Fears.Phobias, Anxiety, and Weight Loss, Smoking cessation and can also assist with some of the more complex issues such as PTSD..


With Kinetic Shift we are able to work ‘content free’ in the majority of cases, so the client only needs to disclose if they are comfortable doing so.


Therefore the success rate of this technique is very high as together we get to the root cause of the underlying issue.

KS - gets to the emotion

This particular service is beneficial to everyone. Very fast multi-modalities incorporated in the removal of severe anxieties,phobias and PTSD.


No need to go over old and quite often painful experiences, this is a superb effective and fast  content free therapy.

If you are feeling the need for change in your life, and let's face it, we could all change something.

Kinetic Shift is for you

Removes Attached emotion fast and permanently, leave your past events where they belong as distant memories

Kinetic Shift - Multiple issues

 Can be used in any area of your life where you want to make a change including:

  • Panic

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Food Addiction

  • Drug Addictions

  • Smoking

  • Alcoholism

  • Depression

  • Chronic Anger

  • Irrational Guilt

  • Child Abuse Victims

  • Public Speaking Fears

  • Flying/Driving Fears

  • Rape Trauma

  • Self Sabotage

  • General Stress

  • Fear of Doctors/Dentists

  • Physical Pain

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Many of the Services can be done online except VR

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