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We’ve created a community where people can join together to share and learn about new ways to achieve their goals and a clearer understanding of themselves. Attend one of our seminars or information sessions and discover how Soul Centric can positively impact your lifestyle. These events will be fairly regular and open to changes depending on feedback for attendees.   Learn more about Soul Centric events below, and reserve your spot today.

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Yvonne Griffin who has exemplary experience in the field of personal transformation and change management.


For almost 25 years she has developed and implemented numerous transformational programmes in many countries which proved highly successful in enabling permanent change to take place in the lives of people across the private, public and corporate sectors.


She is a passionate and engaging transformational expert who has a particular interest in the development of human potential from a holistic perspective and in exploring its importance in identifying the root cause of illness and dis-ease.


Having a background in business & education and ongoing research on the body mind emotion spirit connection, Yvonne brings a cohesive blend of the spiritual and practical to her work.


Known for her ability to empower, inspire and intrigue her audience, she will take you on a life changing voyage.

Yvonne Griffin M.Ed.,(Hons) B.Msc, Dip T&D, Dip Hyp RC Hyp, NLP & HYL (r) Coach, FLP Master Trainer, HOLAR Medizin, Psy-Tap Psychosensory Techniques Practitioner , Certified DiSC Practitioner & WRAP Facilitator


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