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The BAUD is a novel therapy device designed to safely and quickly stimulate brain plasticity. It was originally developed for improving ADD/ADHD symptoms, and clinical use revealed it to also be effective on most emotional issues, addictive urges, and even chronic pain. FDA-cleared in 2006 as a class II device for adjunct therapy, the BAUD has since been used in over 400,000 clinical sessions in 18 countries. Its patented technology uses specially designed sound frequencies which the patient listens to while performing a simple mental protocol based on the latest research into accelerating synaptic plasticity.

The BAUD is simply a self-regulated sonic device designed to entrain these brain patterns by making the sound frequencies similar to the frequencies of the brain. These are the same principles that relate to how music affects and changes our moods.

 The Baud System

Brain imaging research is confirming the BAUD's mechanism of action as stimulating plasticity by disrupting reconsolidation of problem circuits, primarily in the limbic system and the amygdala. This acoustical stimulation helps the brain shift neural function back to a normal level, based on its innate ability to self-regulate. The BAUD process enhances the brain's natural neuroplasticity in a rapid and highly targeted way, which produces a safe and effective result. Clients typically see a significant reduction in problem symptoms after the first 20-minute session.

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