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Welcome To Soul Centric

     Helping you understand you

The Soul-Centric is the epicentre of the universe to the centre of human life.

Everything starts and emerges from the Centre. That includes  our perceptions of  ourselves and the world around us. How many times have you watched a movie with family or friends and when you talk about it later some have a very different  memory of what they saw, or their opinion is completely opposite from what you remember, even though you all watched the same thing?


Soul-Centric means one who works and does any action within the centre point. Thats where we help.

Our main goal is to help your mind and body connect, we appear to have through quirk, fate or design stopped listening to our inner self.  We are born in an amazing little package with everything we need.

Unfortunately, we require others to look out for us which means that as we grow we learn from those people around us and what their values and beliefs are and we work from those even if they don't quite "fit" or "sit" with us.

These along with life experiences can create behaviours or programmes that aren't really ours but we try to make it fit anyway.  Now many of these work in areas of our life really well.

i.e the need to be the best at everything can help us up the career ladder but get in the way of many other areas of life. From relationships to family and yes eventually prevent a career from progressing. or perhaps not feeling good enough keeps someone constantly turning themselves into a Pretzel trying to keep others happy whilst inadvertently creating an ongoing cycle of that emotion and belief.

 And at some point when this behaviour doesn't work for the person displaying it or those significant people in their lives it can create issues, that they don't quite understand or how to make the changes.

There is a deficit now in our inherent talent to balance our own thoughts and feelings and subsequent behaviours in a healthy way. Now we are born as previously mentioned with everything we need, a blueprint so to speak, but our ability to connect it appears to be getting lost much faster. The modern world we are all initiated into has developed a pace that is so fast that we don't take the time anymore to stop and listen to ourselves.

This is where we come in. We provide a place where you feel supported and encouraged to develop your own unique self and discover what healthy processes you need to connect too, understand and develop.


Our practice is one of a kind and caters to a broad range of clientele with a variety of issues. 

# it could be that all you require is some clarity on a situation that is taking over your thought process,

# it could be a relationship that is leaving you feeling confused on how to handle it.

# Perhaps it's consistent feelings of anxiety over everything. There can be a plethora of feelings that we can't always make sense of in a conscious way. These tend to be unconscious and therefore require a different way of being attended to.

do you have phobias that really get in the way of you doing the things you want and hinder your life.

And many other issues.

With Soul-Centric you will learn about YOU, find your purpose and direction, through treatments, therapeutic protocols and processes along with practical tips techniques to implement yourself while promoting physical, mental, and emotional well being.  Some issues will not require many sessions.

And hey! It's not that we don't want you, But it's our job to help you create and build the emotional understanding and resilience to manage your own life in the best possible way for you.

The ability to see ourselves with clarity and allow love, compassion, acceptance, and yep that includes the things we are not so keen on, in ourselves, really helps us to recognise our OWN unique value, and makes navigating this world we live in a much smoother journey.


We provide everything your mind and body could possibly need. Welcome to the home of Soul Centric.

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The Journey

Soul Centric was founded in 2017 in Scotland from the passionate belief of two women Lesli & Marie, (That's us)! that people are born with an inherent knowledge about themselves, an emotional blueprint so to speak that gets lost as they progress through life.

As social programming and life experiences dim out their own voice producing a conflicting inner dialogue that can create destructive and maladaptive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sometimes a traumatic experience can trigger these in people who otherwise would have happily gone through life unaware that certain coping mechanisms were not in place.

We both have extensive life experiences and met during a time of both personal growth and professional development for us both.Our shared journeys drew us together in creating a mutual vision of helping others to be the architects of their own lives, to assist them to design, create and build a life that they can visualise by teaching healthy coping skills, and quite often removing the unconscious feelings that keep people stuck.

   We offer a variety of approaches some very fast, using many integrative modalities to achieve and maintain your optimal wellbeing.


Whether you are experiencing pain, want to lose weight, suffer anxiety, depression or simply want to improve your physical and emotional, mental wellbeing.


Come along to where therapy feels like a cup of tea and chat. Soul Centric provides a healing, supportive and friendly environment to take that first step to you. 

You cannot change what's going on around you

until you

Start changing whats going on within you


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